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Pro-life club promotes life

This story originally appeared in the student newspaper Xchange, and was written by Amelia Chloe Barrett.

Out of all the deaths in America up to date, 25.97 percent are caused by murder. Abortion makes up 25.28 percent of the deaths.

This means that only 0.69 percent of the murders accounted for are not abortions.

Abortion is the leading topic addressed in Pro-Life Club at Pius X High School. However, they are sure to include all forms of supporting life.

“I like learning all the things about our world and knowing that we can make a difference and help those that don’t have any other voice for them,” junior Hannah Hoge stated.

Hoge joined Pro-Life Club as a sophomore and is now the president of the club.

Recently she has been attending a lot of conferences. The most recent was September 29, the Bishops Pro-life Conference.

This year is very different than previous years because they are now a part of the Students for Life group led by Savannah Falter rather than just being a club last year.

Students for Life is one of the nation’s most active pro-life organizations.

Falter is the representative to the Pius Students for Life. She was also the speaker at the pro-life day service.

Falter goes to all of the Midwest and coordinates all the Students for Life groups.

Although there is not a ton of difference between being a club and now being a part of Students for Life Hoge feels that through being a part of this group they are able to try different things and have new resources as well.

She is very happy to have a bunch of different connections now.

Junior member Elise Wilhelm said she feels like this year is a lot more organized and instead of just having ideas on how to be pro-life they are being more proactive.

They are actually making plans and working towards those goals.

When Wilhelm first heard about the abortion issue and starting reading more into it she understood how big of deal this was. She joined pro-life club to try and make a change.

Wilhelm is super excited about the baby socks being pinned to backpacks. The purpose for the socks is to draw attention and be a great conversation starter so they can tell people all about being pro-life.

Wilhelm stated, “Being pro-life is so much more than just saving the babies; it’s about euthanasia, the babies, and respecting all life. I am very proud to be in a club and school where I can be super passionate about what I believe in.”

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