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Well hi there!

August 07, 2014


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This may sound crazy...but I can't wait for school to start!  When you saw the name Heim, you probably thought "new teacher."  Well, you were partially correct, I'm a new-old teacher...and not just because I turn 40 this year!   I taught at Pius for 7 years then moved my classroom to St. Peter's for 7 years when our son Joe started pre-school, and now I'm happy to say it's time for me to return.  At St. Peter School I taught Math6, Math7, Math8, and Algebra.  Joe will be a 6th grader this year  If you think back to your junior high experience...can you imagine the poor kid having to see his mother in the hallway every 43 minutes between classes and once a day for math class?  Or that he would have to take tests and quizzes and work on assignments that I gave him? Not to mention the car ride to school and back home for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.  A little space is good in junior high, and that's what brought me back.  :)


My husband Joe and I grew up on farms near a village of 150 people.  We met in 1977 when we were three years old at Story Hour which was a read-aloud for little farm kids at perhaps the smallest library ever built.  I should have known then that big Joe (that's what we call my husband since both husband and son are Joe) would grow up to be an accountant because (remember we were three years old at the time) he said, "Why do you call this Story Hour if it really lasts an hour and a half?"  Adorable, simply adorable, and the rest is history...

Be sure to swing by and say hello, I can't wait to meet you!

Well hi there!

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