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2. Supply List


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Supply List

Before the first day of lecture, please acquire the following supplies.

  • 1 inch Binder
    • Label front and spine with:  
      •            Algebra I or Geometry or Geometry Fundamentals
      •                  with Mrs. Heim
      • (your name) and what period you have Math                               
  • 5 Tab Dividers for binder
    • Label them in this order:  1)R2R  2)Notes  3)Hmwk  4)Abbreviations  5)Formulas
  • Reinforced Lose-leaf paper
    • Put 2 pieces of paper behind the Formula tab, 2 pieces of paper behind the Abbreviations tab, 10 pieces of paper behind the R2R tab, then split the remaining paper in half and put behind the Note tab and Hmwk tab respectively.
  • Scientific Calculator
  • 0.9 mm Mechanical Pencil recommended but any pencil will suffice
  • Red pen
  • Protractor (Geometry only)
  • Safety Compass (Geometry only)
  • 12 inch Ruler (Geometry only)

These will be the only supplies you will need all year for this course with the exception of needing to restock the reinforced paper if/when the need occurs. Thank you for being prepared by the first day of lecture, atta kid!  :)