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3. Syllabus


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A syllabus is a description of the content of a class.  This is designed to help you understand what to expect from the class and how your grade is composed.  You will find approximate percentages of how each component is weighed.  Possible changes of the given percentages will occur according to which class you are taking.

Depending upon which class you are taking, we will cover roughly 12 chapters.  Each chapter will have several sections which will be discussed during class.  Geometry and Algebra classes will be required to take daily notes.  By using your notes and book, you will have ample problems to look over while working on homework.  Your notes will be graded at the end of each chapter. 

Your daily homework will be graded two ways according to a scoring rubric.  It is assigned for you to practice the material and new ideas of the day’s lesson.  When the chapter is completed, I will record one combined homework grade for the chapter.

Tests will follow each chapter, we will always review the day before a test.  This is where you prove to yourself, your parents, and your teacher how well you have perfected the skills given within the chapter. Your notes will be a valuable asset for preparing for your chapter tests.  

Thursday is quiz day.  The quizzes will range from 5 to 50 points.  The purpose for the weekly quizzes is twofold.  First, it allows for me to do yet another check of how well you and your class are handling the week’s information.  Second, the sheer routine of taking a quiz weekly will allow you to become accustom to working in a higher stress situation which in turn better prepares you for taking your test.  

You will also be awarded daily points.  If you participate in class, behave to my standards (see classroom rules), work on your assignments, etc. you will receive the total allotted points. 

We will also be keeping portfolios which house all assessments.  Portfolios will be recorded after each chapter test where you will graph your assessment results.  Not only does this create a nice collection of your work, but the graph allows a visual representation of your scores.  We will also use the portfolios to help prepare for semester finals.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  I am looking forward to working with you this year!  I know that if we work together you will reach your math goal!


                                                                                                Mrs. Heim