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Once Upon A Mattress Call-Back List


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Once…Mattress  -  Call-Backs

These are the performers we need to have come back and read and sing again for the directing team.  Please be in the LPAC right after Period 8, on 1/29/15.  We need to start by 3:45pm.

Women                                                           Men

Princess Winnifred                                                       Prince Dauntless

A.Alberts                                                                              J. Brox

J. Benton                                                                             N. Korta

H. Bertrand                                                                          P. Murphy

E. Finder                                                                              A. Vaggalis

C. Kottwitz                                                                           M. Wathen

C. Moore                                                                              G. Weskamp

C. Morehouse                                                                                   

N. Pierce


Lady Larken                                                                                    Sir Harry

H. Bertrand                                                                                         C. Alcalde

E. Finder                                                                                             N. McConnell

B. Fowler                                                                                            J. Minchow

C. Moore                                                                                             G. Reese

N. Pierce                                                                                             J. Richard

                                                                                                            A. Vaggalis




Queen Aggravain                                                         King Sextimus The Silent

A.Alberts                                                                                J. Allen

K. Benal                                                                                  J. Hotovy

E. Brown                                                                                 A. Shonka

E. Finder

C. Kottwitz                                                                             Minstrel

J. Swanson                                                                              T. Fulton

H. Terrell                                                                                 G. Reese       

                                                                                               J. Richard

                                                                                               A. Vaggalis



                                                                                                T. Fulton

                                                                                                N. Korta

                                                                                                J. Minchow

                                                                                                P. Murphy

                                                                                                A. Vaggalis

                                                                                                M. Wathen