Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

bolt love

Joan ’82 and Ken ’80 Benes

Married in 1987

The story: After 32 years of marriage I feel so blessed and thankful that I went to Pius and found my true love. Ken and I were two years apart, I was a sophomore and he was a senior. God brought us together while I played guitar and he sang, in Miss Raun’s folk group. I glanced at him while he sang and hoped he would ask me out, and was so excited when he did. We went to the Pius play “Anything Goes” for our first date in 1980.

We fell in love going to prom and many Pius events. We still go to plays at the loft and still have fun together no matter what we do. Without God bringing us together at Pius I wouldn’t have this wonderful, kind, loving man as my husband and wouldn’t have the wonderful family we do.

We have three daughters, 2 son-in-law’s (one more soon), 2 super sweet granddaughters and 2 more grandbabies on the way.

I love you Ken! Thank you God for bringing us together at Pius.

Ken and Joan forever!

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