Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

bolt love

Katie ’05 and Matt ’05 Benes

Married in 2009

The story: Our sisters actually played volleyball for years so we met as kids, but officially “met” junior year at Pius in religion class. He interrupted my story to a friend and I was not ok with it…death glare would be an accurate statement and fun first impression.

The first dating moment: At our friend Dan Thelen’s birthday party at his house. We spent time talking and goofing around and it’s history from there!

Pius X impact today: It’s so fun. We have the same friends and same stories and have so many fun memories to share with our kids. Matt was my best, goofy, crazy friend then and still is today. The classes we took together, dances, proms and graduation together were just icing on the cake!

Life Update: We have been married for 10+ years, have three kids: Jackson (9), Hannah (7), and Lila (3). It’s so great because the oldest go to St. John’s where Matt went and we’re reliving those fun days! We spend most of our time carting kids around to activities but our favorites moments are still driving in the car without kids and blaring old school rap like we did back in high school … without the ridiculously loud subs and bass!

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