Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

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Kristin (Edwards) ’91 & Peter ’90 Heath

Married in 1995

The Story: Kristin was a sophomore, and Peter a junior. We were at a not very well attended JV football game one night in the stands of Aldrich Field. I was with one of my close friends, and he was with one of his. His friend started to flirt with mine, and we all just started laughing and talking. It was a fun night! After that I saw him in the hallways at school all the time! Before that night in the stands, I never even knew he even existed!

He started to slide little notes into my locker right outside Mr. Hansen’s homeroom, and we started talking a lot with many late night phone conversations. I actually still have those notes in a shoe box! He asked me to Homecoming shortly after!

The first dating moment: Well…our relationship started off pretty rocky when I stood him up on our first date…and got caught! I was so embarrassed and felt so bad! He wasn’t very happy either! I called him the next day to apologize, and to simply ask “We’re still going to Homecoming…right?!” Thankfully after a lot of explaining, he forgave me, and yes, we did go to homecoming my sophomore year, and every Pius X dance after that including my senior year making him come back for all my dances after he graduated!

Our official “Dating” anniversary is November 1st, 1988. It was the day after Halloween and we had the day off for the Holy Day. We were hanging out together and he asked me to be his girlfriend. I obviously said yes! That was over 31 years ago!

My mother-in-law reminded me just this week how embarrassing our first prom together was! We had gone to Peter’s house to take pictures with his parents, and as I was getting into the car, my heel caught on the bottom of the dress tearing the lace bottom. We had to go back in, and not knowing each other well yet I had to stand there all nervous while she nervously hemmed my dress back together! Later that evening while at the prom; our friend Ross spilled his Dr. Pepper all down the front of me! That dress was not meant to be, but we sure were! March 18, 2020 we will celebrate 25 years of marriage!

The Pius X Impact: Although when we started dating we definitely ran in different circles (You know what they say…opposites attract), I knew many of his classmates, and now many of his friends became mine, and he got to know my friends a lot better too making going to each other’s reunions a fun time sharing many stories from our days at Pius X!

Our Faith and similar high school experiences have made a great impact on our Faith and relationship today. We appreciate our gift of catholic education, and have shared that legacy with our own children. When we got married we knew that if and when we had kids, and if we were still in Lincoln, that we would also provide them with that same gift of Catholic education which would include Pius X!

One moment that we will never forget is the day that Monsignor Liam Barr stopped us in the hallway outside the front office because we were holding hands! That was very much frowned upon, and I believe he had some words to say, but I can’t quite remember what. I was so nervous, and all I remember is his deep voice and thick Irish accent telling us to go our separate ways even though our destination was the same! We all laugh about it now including Monsignor Barr who was reminded of this event several years later. I think he and Peter have had many chuckles together about it since then too!

Family Update: Peter owns his own company called System Technology Services dealing with your low voltage electronic needs such as security systems, surveillance systems, camera, audio, visual systems, card access control systems, fire alarm systems, and monitoring for all fire alarm and security systems, as well as telephone, intercom and paging systems, and data and telecommunication wiring. Kristin has been with Pius X since August 25, 2008 as the Alumni Director. She loves interacting with all the Pius X Alumni, planning reunions, the ThunderBOLT Fun Run, the All Souls mass for our deceased alumni, and other various alumni events. She is also an online fitness and health coach. We have 3 children. Hayley is a 2015 Pius X grad, a 2019 Nebraska Wesleyan grad and lives in VA where she takes online grad classes from George Mason University for Special ed. She commutes each day to Rockville, MD where she teaches music including choir and band at The Katherine Thomas School – TLC which is a private school specializing in kids with a wide range of special needs. Connor is a 2019 Pius X grad and is currently a freshman at South Dakota School of Mines studying Computer Engineering. He enjoys being on the JV E-Sports team and his Blacksmith Club. Estella is in 1st grade at St. Teresa and is keeping us all busy, and loving her gymnastics!

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