Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

bolt love

Lexie (Deahn) ’10 and Patrick ’10 Murphy

Married in October 2016

The Story: Patrick and I first met at a Movie the summer before freshman year started with several of our friends. On the first day of school I saw a familiar face. We were locker neighbors! This allowed us to get to know each other before, during and after school. We became close friends and although we didn’t have any classes together we found ways to keep in touch. We realized that we had similar interests and several of the same friends. Towards the end of our sophomore year something then sparked and we began to date.

The Pius X Impact: Going to Pius and being in the same class we were able to experience some of the best years of our lives together! Memories we still hold close. One of the best things we had in common was the same Faith which grew us even closer together as a couple and throughout our life experiences. Looking back it’s crazy to think how young we were and all the good and bad we have been through. We truly have grown up together.

Life Update: Patrick works for the Lincoln Police Department and Lexie is a Dental Assistant at Schoettger Orthodontics. We have a 2-year-old Mini Australian Shepard, Tucker, who we love dearly!

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