Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

bolt love

Maria ’03 & Mitchel ’04 Benes

Married in 2011

The Story: Mitch and I actually went to the same grade school: St. Joseph’s Catholic School in Lincoln. However, we were in different grades so we didn’t really interact much growing up. We knew each other a little bit in high school and college, but only enough to say “hi” in the hallway. We didn’t really get to know each other until we lived in the same neighborhood in the Northern Virginia/Washington D.C. area in 2010. Living a few miles from each other was totally by chance, although we are pretty sure God had a plan!

When we found out we were living in the same neighborhood, Mitch asked me to start going running with him and we got to know each other this way. Eventually, Mitch asked me to go on a date to the beautiful wineries in Virginia. The rest is history!

We both admit it probably wouldn’t have worked for us to date in high school. We are definitely a case of opposites attract and I think we probably would have clashed in high school. Mitch is hilarious, creative and easy going. I am super intense, analytical and too much of a perfectionist. It took growing a bit over the next few years before we were ready to date each other.

I think coming from the same roots at St. Joseph’s, Pius X, and Lincoln, Nebraska has helped us know the kind of faith formation and family life we want for our family today. It is also fun to reminisce about teachers, students and other experiences from Pius!

Life Update: Mitch- graphic designer
Maria- Ph.D. candidate in political science at UNL
Two kids: Gemma (8) and Gerard (4)

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