Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

bolt love

Michelle (Sisel) ’13 & Nick ’13 Kramer

Married in 2016

The Story: We met in World Geography class freshman year.

We would talk and flirt all the time but it wasn’t until a month or so of meeting each other. One night talking on the phone he pipped up and asked me to be his girlfriend! I remember his voice cracking when he asked me!

It’s great having the same memories of high school to reminisce about! It’s also fun to look back on really old pictures and be in them together, we went to almost every dance except homecoming freshman year! Nick still has his demerit card that is almost full of all PDA marks. (Haha) it will be fun to prove to our kids someday that we’ve always held hands in the hallway and always will!

Life Update: Nick works for Farrell Gas and I get to be a stay at home mom to our 1 year old son, Wyatt. We absolutely adore being parents and playing with our son and our Great Pyrenees pup, Bo. We also love fishing, camping, and doing home projects together. We are parishioners at St. Patrick’s here in Lincoln.

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