Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

bolt love

Robert ’54 and Charlotte Crosby ’57

Married in 1961

The story: “It was 1959 and I just got out of the Army and returned to Lincoln. It was Saturday and I thought I would go to confession at Cathedral. As I was saying my penance, I noticed a good looking girl a couple pews in front of me. She kind of looked like one of my sister’s friends and they were real pests when I was in high school.

I hurried up and waited out front for her to come out. As she came out I said, aren’t you Charlotte Jonas? I’m Susan’s brother Bob. We talked and I got my nerve up and asked her if she would like to play miniature golf tonight. Luckily she said yes. Char had a year to go a St. Elizabeth’s school of nursing.

That was 59 years ago and we are happily married.

Life Update: We have four daughters, Jackie our youngest is in California, Molly our oldest in KCMO, Ann is in Princeton, IL and Kathy is in Gardner Kansas.

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