Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

Clare Morehouse ’17

Clare Morehouse, a 2017 graduate of Pius X High School, will appear in this year’s Pinewood Bowl, Inc. musical production of ‘Legally Blonde.’

What role are you playing, and how have you prepared for the role?

Clare Morehouse legally blonde theater pinewoodI am in the ensemble, which includes a Delta Nu sorority girl, Greek chorus member, marching band member and various other roles. These roles include a lot of dancing and singing, so preparing has included practicing and more practicing! I think one of the most fun ways I have prepared for this show is learning how to play percussion for the marching band scene. I have never played before, but I’m super excited that I had  the opportunity to learn!

Why do you like about the show, and what will fans likes about the show?

I really like watching Elle’s character grow throughout the show. She begins her law career to try to impress her ex-boyfriend, but soon discovers a love for defending the innocent and fighting for justice. She is always true to herself and never compromises her values. She works hard to achieve her goals and is a constant friend. I think fans will enjoy her larger-than-life personality and her story that is told through many upbeat songs and dances.

What is it about being on stage that gives you energy?

Performing on stage is a truly unique experience. Performing on the Pinewood stage, which has been a tradition in Lincoln for 70 years, is an even more special opportunity. I am so grateful to be a part of this production and that is really what gives me energy. I am surrounded by a group of people who are passionate about what they do and who have been working hard all summer. We feed off each other’s energy and share a common desire to put on the best show possible.

What stands out about what you learned in theater at Pius X?

I think the most important lesson I learned from the Pius X Theatre Department is to value the people you work with, from the production team and crew, to the orchestra, to the volunteer parents,  to fellow cast-mates, and everyone in between. Everyone deserves respect and to be treated kindly. You will never get to do a show with the same exact cast again and so it is important to treasure the experiences, including all the ups and downs, with the people around you. The memories I have of the Pius X Theatre Department will stick with me forever!