Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

Kevin Naumann ’85

What is your current title? I am the principal of St. Joseph’s School in Lincoln

How has your work in this area impacted you and your family? I am new to this position, but I hope it will impact our spirituality, our prayerfulness, and our ability, as a family, to bring others to discipleship and each other to eternal life.

How does your faith play into your role? It truly is what I feel is central to an administrative role at one of our Catholic Schools. We are called to bring help our students gain eternal life with God, through faith and loving service to others. If we fail in that mission, the knowledge they can through us is for naught.

How has your work evolved over the past decade? I have been a public school teacher and administrator for the past 30 years. I see this move into parochial education as the fulfillment and culmination of God’s plan for me as an educator. I am humbled and blessed by the opportunity to serve the needs of the Lincoln Diocese. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I hope to serve the people of St. Joe’s with integrity, selfless service and excellence in our school.

What initiatives or projects are you hoping to start or finish in the coming years? I have a wonderful staff and faculty at St. Joe’s and the parish  support is awe inspiring. My hope is to grow as a staff in our synergy for the success of our students. I hope to accomplish this, as a team, in the areas of communication, cohesiveness and rigor, first in our spiritual life, and then as well in academics, sports, the fine arts, and all the others aspects of a well rounded and intentional, instructional program.

What has been your greatest achievement since leaving Pius in 1985? My greatest achievement has been seeing our four sons grow into fine, young Catholic men who strive to know, love and serve God in this life, to be happy with Him in the next.

When not working, what hobbies or activities do you enjoy doing? I enjoy running, swimming, hiking, church history, and antiques of all kinds.

What memories do you have of Pius X High School? I have many fond memories of the excellent teachers I had, and the rigorous instruction I received. Pius helped to mold me into a good student, not just academically, but thoroughly, through involvement in many extra curricular activities. In the 80’s you could be involved in many things at Pius, and staff worked with you to facilitate that involvement.