Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

COVID-19 Update – March 14

From Principal Tom Korta:

I don’t have much new to report today in terms of the virus or the school, but I want to share some quick newsy bits:

1.       If you haven’t heard yet, Archbishop Lucas has dispensed all faithful of the Lincoln and Omaha dioceses from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass this weekend.  His brief statement can be found here:  Of course we are not a group that attends out of obligation, but rather out of love for our Lord.  However, the Archbishop is saying that it is okay to stay home for reasons of safety of your family (especially those whose health make them most vulnerable to COVID-19) and out of respect for Governor Rickett’s request that we limit gatherings to 250 or fewer.

2.       Some students are accustomed to taking prescribed medications during the school day, and therefore have meds at school.  Please call the office between 8 am and 4 pm if you need to arrange to pick up the medication. 

3.       Our building will be locked during the school day.  Visitors will only be able to gain access by “buzzing in” through Door 4 (the Main Office entrance) during our office hours.

4.       When I spoke to the students yesterday after our Lenten service, I emphasized the importance of relying on solid, primary-source material for information about COVID-19.  I am actually saddened and in some cases disappointed by the misinformation and exaggerations that are out there.  Inspired by Jan Frayser and executed by Zachary Baehr, we have put together what I think is a pretty succinct page of resources for you regarding COVID-19.  Found here (, the page includes Pius-specific information (including each of my virus-related emails) as well as local and national resources.  I recognize that if I say, “Visit the Centers for Disease Control website” it might be a little overwhelming to know where to begin.  Therefore, I tried to compile the pages that I have been relying on for my information, with a brief narrative of what the links contain.  Our page has the county and state hotlines, links to factual information about the virus and how to respond, tips for talking about this with your kids, and a Nebraska DHHS page that shares updates of the daily counts of COVID-19 cases in our state.  Information (and faith) is the antidote to fear and panic.  I find the pages that we link to very readable, and certainly in language that your teens could easily understand.

5.       Request a laptop!  Our school wants to make sure that every family has access to a computer/ipad with internet access in order to be able to continue with their learning.  So far I have only had six requests for laptops.  That is fine if that is all there is in terms of need, but my fear is that I am not reaching enough families with this email.  PLEASE, if you are aware of a family who might not have access to a computer with an internet connection at home, reach out to that family and point them to the page cited above.  I only need minimal information to initiate fulfilling a request.  Also, it has come to my attention that several companies are offering free wi-fi to homes during this crisis.  We can help connect families with various companies to get internet access.  PLEASE help us get the word out!

I think I will end here, so that you can spend the extra time reading through the website resources we’ve compiled. “All things work for good for those who love Him.” Let us be at peace as we continue to flood the heavens with prayers for those who are impacted by this pandemic.

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