Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

COVID-19 Update – March 15

From Principal Tom Korta

Information continues to come in fast and from a variety of sources.  Every Sunday the Nebraska Commissioner of Education has a teleconference open to all administrators across the state.  He invited the Governor in, as well as several public health officials.  I don’t really have much new to share, but I must say it is nice that they take the time each week to let us know what they are thinking about. 

As I don’t have much in terms of news, tonight’s focus will primarily be on helping others. As word spread about COVID-19, many people flocked to the stores and thought nothing about buying two weeks’ supplies of food and disinfecting supplies.  Unfortunately, there are many people in our city (and Pius family) who don’t have that luxury.  These folks need our help.  This message has two parts—it is a “call to arms” to those who are blessed with sufficient resources to step up and help your neighbors, and it is an explanation of what resources are available for anyone who is reading this that needs some extra assistance. 

1.       Attached to this post are three PDFs that describe resources from Catholic Social Services.  I am grateful to Fr. Fulton and Katie Patrick for their ongoing work to serve the most vulnerable in our community.

2.       There is an organization in Lincoln called the “Lincoln Tree of Hope” that is organizing the collection of food packages for needy families in the city of Lincoln.  They originally had Lincoln Public School families in mind, but when Jan Frayser contacted them, they were eager to include the Catholic school families as well.  Here is a link that describes their project:

A group of us went to their collection site today and received 80 packages of food; each package is designed to be enough to feed a family of four for one week.  These packages are at Pius, ready for distribution beginning on Monday.

If you would like to request such a package, please visit and click on “Request a week’s worth of groceries.”   Like the laptop request page, we will contact YOU to arrange for either delivery or pickup at Pius.

We will need volunteers to help distribute the packages (to a porch…no person-to-person contact).  A “sign-up genius” will be sent out tomorrow asking for volunteers to help with the operation at Pius X High School.

I will have more to share tomorrow.  We are working on a plan to receive donations at Pius so that we can provide more families with food, and will share that plan as soon as I can.

May God continue to bless and protect the Pius family.

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