Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

COVID-19 Update – March 17

From Principal Tom Korta

There was a brief moment this morning when I thought maybe I wouldn’t need to send an update today, but I have just a few quick things to share.

·        At 5:30 pm today, LPS announced that they are extending their closure “until further notice” and that they “will continue to monitor and evaluate (their) status every two weeks…”  Our diocesan chief administrative officer, Dr. Hecker, sent an email to all principals and CAOs shortly after, indicating that he will meet with his advisory council tomorrow at 10 am to determine our course of action.  I will push out a message through text and email with our decision.

·        The platform that we are using to post materials for students, Powerschool Learning, has been faced with a sudden increase in use by schools across the country.  This has caused a degradation in service, which has slowed our teachers’ ability to post materials and has caused frustration among some of our students.  Please assure your students that we are aware, and that the company has told us they are taking steps tonight that they hope will help combat these issues. 

·        We plan to distribute laptops to those families that requested one after noon tomorrow.  If you requested one, we will contact you to arrange for distribution.

·        Online learning is new for students and teachers alike.  We are working on a “tech support” solution for students who encounter technical difficulties, as well as an “academic support” solution for those who have questions about specific subject matter.  I will send more information as these two solutions are crystalized; for now I just want you to know that we are aware of the need and are working to fill it.

·        Please encourage your student to begin the habit of checking daily for work that is posted on Powerschool, starting tomorrow (if they haven’t started alreadyJ).

Finally, a reminder that these can be uncertain and unsettling times for your kids.  We have some resources on our COVID-19 webpage for how to talk about this with your kids, but also I encourage you to look for opportunities to just be present with them and be aware that they need you.  Help model being good consumers of credible information from reliable sources.  If you are concerned about your son or daughter, please remember that our counseling staff is available and willing to help.  We have first-rate counselors who care about your kids and know what they are doing!

Sometimes God hides His greatest blessings in the challenges He allows us to face. Let us trust in His divine plan, and continue to lift one another up in prayer.

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