Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

COVID-19 Update – March 24

Good evening,

I am going to try to be brief with this today:

·         PLEASE call Pius if your child is sick.  We really need this data to help track illnesses and make good decisions as a school.  We also share this information with teachers.

·         PowerSchool Learning was having problems, but seems to be back up and running now.  Please ask your students to log in and check daily.

·         For the safety of your students, the diocesan education office has turned off the ability for students to “auto forward” their Office 365 emails to a personal account.  Please have your students check Office 365 daily for communication from their teachers.  I have directed teachers to use the Office 365 accounts for student communication; hopefully reducing the flood of emails you have been receiving.

·         Pius has worked to join in caring for the food needs of families in our community.  We continue with our “Groceries for a week” project in cooperation with the Lincoln Tree of Hope.  To request food, please click here.  We rely on the generosity of the Pius community to keep this service going.  To donate, visit our COVID-19 page.  Also, starting tomorrow, Pius is an approved site to distribute sack lunches to any child between 1 and 18.  Each student must be present to receive a lunch, and distribution will run from 11:30 – 1 pm.  Just pull in front of the Commons entrance to receive the lunch(es) and someone will deliver to your vehicle.

·         Our website has a new online chat feature designed for technical support.  When someone submits a “chat request” it goes to a handful of users that are ready to answer your questions from 7 am to 8 pm.  We are new to this feature, but have already been able to answer several questions that have come in.  Feel free to use this.

·         I was told I have the ability to send an email to all Pius students (similar to how I send this to all of you).  I have not yet been able to get it to work, but the email is drafted and hopefully your kids will hear from me tomorrow.  I will try to communicate with them directly on at least a weekly basis to keep them posted as well.

·         Father Meysenburg offers a daily private Mass that can be accessed through Facebook Live.  The Mass is at 3 pm daily except for Thursdays (I will have to update you later with Thursday’s times).  To pray with him, go to

·         I encourage you to be thoughtful and vigilant about where your students are going during the day.  Now that COVID-19 has found its way into the city of Lincoln, we need to be cautious about how much our kids are interacting with others and going into each other’s homes.  The best way to protect your family is to keep your kids at home.

·         This just came to me literally two hours ago, and references a webinar opportunity for parents for TOMORROW (Tuesday).  Still, I pass it along as a resource for how to support your students during this time of distance learning:

·         Finally, picture me on my knees begging you to lend financial support to your parishes.  With us not having public Masses for a while, you can probably imagine what has happened to the amount of money the parishes are receiving each week.  I get it…with the uncertainty there might be a tendency to cling to money rather than share it.  I believe this is a time for heroic generosity.  Jesus is “calling us to step out of the boat” with our finances, and as long as we keep our eyes fixed on Him, we will find that we “can walk on water.”  Our parishes need to be able to pay their teachers and also need to be able to make their monthly payments to Pius so we can pay OUR teachers.  I ask you to take it to prayer, and ask the Lord what He wants you to do in this regard.

Every time I am about to hit send, I sit and try to think if there is anything I am missing.  I think this is it for today.  I am sure I will have more to share in the next day or two. 

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