Important update for returning parents paying for student meals


Due to software changes. MySchoolBucks accounts are required to be updated. Please update the district linked to your account in order to add your student and see cafeteria purchase and balance information.

Using The MySchoolBucks website

At the top of the web page click on School District and select Add another school district

  • Select Nebraska as the state
  • Select Diocese of Lincoln Schools
  • Click Add District

Using the Mobile App

We recommend removing your student from your account before re-adding them from the new school district
• To remove your student select the 4 dots next to your students name and then scroll to the bottom and select Remove Student
• To re-add your student go to the menu in the upper corner and then select Add Student
• Click Continue and select Nebraska as the state then search for Diocese of Lincoln Schools as the District
• Continue and follow the prompts to re-add your student to your account

Also, auto pay was turned off during this recent change. It can be enabled, if your student’s balance is positive. Otherwise, a one-time payment will be needed to bring the account positive.

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