Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

Q&A about student devices to be implemented this fall

Earlier this year, we shared the exciting news that each student attending Pius X for the 2022-23 school year will be issued an iPad for educational use. Learn more about this on our website.

Are teachers required to use iPads in their classrooms?

No, there won’t be any iPad use requirements for teachers during the 2022-23 school year. However, teachers are highly encouraged to try using iPads in lessons to explore using them. Idea sharing will be helpful in developing sound methods for technology-enhanced learning opportunities. Teachers will have access to additional iPad training as we prepare for the fall semester, and will be sharing ideas and tips with each other throughout the school year.

Will content filtering be used on iPads?

Yes. The iPads will be filtered the same way other school technology devices are filtered for content currently. The content filtering applies no matter where the device is located: at home, at school, or at another location. Students’ iPad usage will be part of the school’s Computer Network and Internet Acceptable Use Policy.

Will the iPads have keyboards, or protective cases?

Keyboards will not be provided. The iPads will not replace all computer needs for students. The school will still have mobile laptop labs (also known as computers-on-wheels or COWs) and computer labs to use for keyboarding-related activities (e.g. writing papers) and projects that require specific computer software. The iPads are not meant to replace our laptops or computer labs, but we might need them less often due to iPads being a good fit for some projects.

Students will be required to use the iPad protective case that will be provided. Diocesan schools that have already implemented 1:1 iPads have recommended a protective case that was highly effective in reducing accidental damage to students’ devices.

How will students charge their iPads?

Students are expected to bring their devices fully charged to school each day. To assist with periodic additional charging needs, charging stations are also being provided for each classroom that will allow some students to charge their devices when not in use.

Will students be able to download apps to their school-issued iPad?

No. Students will not be able to download apps to the iPad. Teachers will be able to add apps relating to their courses to students’ devices. A member of the Pius X technology team will oversee iPads.

When will students first get their iPad?

The Pius X Technology team member who will be coordinating the 1:1 iPads initiative will distribute iPads to students. The plan is to have several evenings in July and August where students will come in, pick up their iPads, get help setting them up, and receive information and expectations on their use.

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