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Senior Pictures, Childhood Pictures for Senior Video, and Childhood Ads

For families of senior students:

Please take time to read the information below about Senior Pictures, Childhood Pictures for Senior Video, and Childhood Ads. Note that all checks, messages and hard copy pictures can be dropped in the box that is labeled “Yearbook” outside the front office and all digital text/images can be emailed to

Senior Pictures: The deadline this year is Friday, October 29.  Students whose pictures are missing may not be included in the yearbook.

Format: We prefer the electronic submission directly from your photographer in a JPEG format, but we will accept hard copies as well. Files should be sent to He will confirm receipt.  We need at least 600 KB sized files (the bigger, the better), vertical images, and please no social media/screenshot images (these will look grainy or pixelated in the yearbook).  If sending from a phone, when you choose the size of the attachment, select “Actual Size”. The images will be approximately 2” wide and 3” tall in the yearbook, but yearbook staff members will crop the photos for uniformity, so please allow for some extra room in the photo.

Dress Code: All pictures should be a head and shoulders type of pose and include the entire head. Hands may be folded and included in the pictures if there are no symbolic gestures of any kind. No words or symbols on clothing. Pictures with facial or body piercing, tattoos, or hats are not acceptable. Indoor or outdoor backgrounds are acceptable as long as the background is free of symbols as well.

Girls:  Tops or dresses that reach the neckline with no obvious cleavage and cover the shoulders.

Boys:  Pictures with facial hair are not acceptable.

The following are acceptable:

  • Suits or sport coats with long neckties or bowties
  • Sport shirt (polo shirts) with top button open
  • Turtlenecks, v-neck sweaters with shirts or crew neck sweaters or shirts. 

If any senior wants the Pius X Yearbook staff to take his or her photo, we would be happy to help.  Contact Mr. DeWispelare by August 30 to schedule.

Childhood Pictures for ALL SENIORS are due Friday, October 29. This is the photo that will be used in the video at the senior breakfast at the end of the year.  There is no cost to submit this photo.  We will accept digital photos and hard copy pictures of your child’s childhood picture. PLEASE be aware that scanning your own photos may result in blurred images that are not usable for the book or the video.  We would prefer that you send the hard copy to us so we can scan it to our specifications and then we will return it to your senior as soon as we are done with it.  DO NOT send screenshots from phones as they will not be usable in the video.  If sending a digital copy, send the largest file size available. 

The Childhood Ad in the yearbook is optional.  The cost is $35.00 and it must be accompanied by a message of 25 words or fewer.  We will use the childhood picture submitted above unless you provide us with another image and specific instructions for use.  The check and the message are both due Friday, October 29.  Please send the check and the message together in an envelope with your child’s name on the outside of the envelope.  If we do not have a message and a check by October 29, we will assume your childhood picture is for the video only.

Yearbooks: We are not ordering extra yearbooks this year, so only those who pre-order will receive a yearbook when they arrive at the beginning of August.  Be sure to get your order in early so you can check it off your list.  An order form is attached or you can go to and search for our school to order online.  Yearbooks are $70 during the first semester and $80 after Christmas.

If you have any questions, please let Mr. DeWispelare know. 

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