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Cell Phone Policy

Cell Phone, i-Pod, and Other Musical Devices Policy

Cell phones, iPods, and other musical devices are not to be used in school during regular school hours (1st through 8th periods).  All such items are to be off and out of site.  Students needing to make phone calls may do so from the main office.  Violation of this policy will result in the cell phone, iPod, or other musical device being confiscated and taken to the main office.  A parent or legal guardian will have to come to school to retrieve the item.  Continued violation of this policy could result in loss of privileges, detentions, a behavior contract, or the item being detained for a set period of time (with parent approval).  Pius X administration reserves the right to view cell phone contents with cause.

Taking and/or distributing unauthorized or unwelcome pictures or video of students or staff members without consent will result in a minimum of one detention, with further discipline actions considered.

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