Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

New COVID-19 Relief Fund at Pius X

As the impact of COVID-19 continues, we need to ensure families know there is a place for them at Pius X this fall. With your support for BOLT and Give to Lincoln Day, you will be making that vision a reality!

Give to Lincoln Day

May 28, 2020

A gift on Give to Lincoln Day supports the immediate school needs of the students, families, teachers and staff at Pius X High School. All gifts are matched through the matching fund of the Lincoln Community Foundation, so the more gifts to Pius X, the higher our spot on the leaderboard, and the more matching funds we receive! This ensures your gift supports even more Pius X students in the coming school year.

BOLT Special Ask

May 30, 2020

Our Virtual Bolt 2020 features many of the same fun elements of BOLTS of yore! Lottery ticket drawing, silent auction items, live auction items, and our special ask for a key project at Pius X (without the paddle, of course). This year, we want to ensure ALL families are able to continue receiving a Catholic education, even if they face financial insecurities. The BOLT special ask also includes a match for your donation

A Message from Fr. James Meysenburg

Dear Friends of Pius X High School,

Along with the entirety of 2020, BOLT 2020, “Prohibition and Pearls” will go down in the record books as one of those, “remember when” moments. COVID-19 has made everything… so very different.

“During this Coronavirus pandemic, many are tempted to fear, anxiety and perhaps even despair. Some have lost their precious lives, some have lost those whom they love, some have suffered through the debilitating effects of this illness, some have lost their jobs, their income, and most have encountered much disruption to the normal flow of their daily lives. Every crisis in life is also an opportunity to turn to our beloved Savior in trust and complete abandonment so as to rest in His merciful hands. To rest in the hands of God means we are secure, despite the uncertainty of life. It means we are free to love God and others, despite the challenges we face. It means we raise our eyes to Heaven, rather than look down in fear.” (


Fr. Meysenburg

This is our 35th BOLT event; it is our first (and hopefully last) virtual BOLT. In our 34 year history, we have raised more than six million dollars. The proceeds from BOLT 2017, 2018 and 2019 helped build and furnish the new $6 million classroom project that opened in August 2019. Last year, you helped raised $280,000 at the BOLT event. $233,000 was raised through the main event and the “extra ask” garnered $47,000. Of those dollars, $202,000 was used to purchase state-of-the-art furniture and equipment for the new classrooms, to create new office space for our outstanding Advancement/Foundation team, to replace the fire-alarm system for the entire school and to provide new outside LED lighting for the entire campus. $78,000 went to the Booster Club to help support our co-curricular activities. This included: uniforms for teams; admission fees to competitions for cheerleading, dance, vocal music and band; wrestling, cheer and gym wall mats; new lockers in locker rooms; and refinishing the gym floors. I am grateful for the generous donors who made this possible.

Two thirds of this year’s BOLT revenue and the “special ask” will be set aside as an emergency fund to ensure our school’s financial stability during this pandemic. It will be used to help families in economic crisis with scholarships and to assure Pius X can pay for operations and payroll. It is atypical to use BOLT funds for this, as it is typically designated for capital improvements. However, these are unprecedented times. Many families are financially impacted by this pandemic. Our working together and using BOLT proceeds to assist will help us get through this global disaster. If there are unspent BOLT 2020 funds, those funds will be used for capital improvements.

As always, the Booster Club will receive one-third of the main-event net revenue. They replaced the field turf in the stadium in April, an important process for the safety of our student athletes. The Booster Club has been saving for 10 years for this project and are depending on this year’s BOLT to keep on track for all the projects they fund.

Because of the nature of this year’s virtual BOLT, the special ask donations are more important than ever. If you are able, please consider a direct donation of $100, $200, $500 or more to the special ask to help struggling families and to ensure Pius X’s financial stability.

Finally, on behalf of the students, faculty and staff of Pius X, I want to express our deepest appreciation for your ongoing support of BOLT and Pius X High School, especially in these extraordinary pandemic times.

Sincerely Yours in Christ,

Rev. James J. Meysenburg
Chief Administrative Officer