Mr Bolt 2019 Sam Noel

Noel wins Stu-Co’s Mr. Bolt with stand-up comedy routine

After a one year hiatus, student council hosted the ‘Mr. Bolt’ competition Thursday evening, April 25. The Mr. Bolt performance night is a tradition at Pius X, allowing Pius men the opportunity to perform in a pageant-style format!

Eight Pius men performed a talent and answered spontaneous questions to compete for the title and cash prizes! The evening began with a group dance to “Old Town Road” choreographed by Emily Yost.

The top three as voted in by the judges were: Alec Miller, Sam Rice, and Sam Noel. Noel was crowned ‘Mr. Bolt 2019’ for his stand-up comedy routine. Alec Miller was 2nd place and Sam Rice was 3rd.

A hearty thank you to Pius alums Anthony Krick and Scotty Sullivan who returned to Pius as judges! Additional judges were teachers Jen Sander, Laurie Barnes, and Jen Tran. MC’s for the event were Mattie Reiling and Elise Wilhelm.

Mr. Bolt is sponsored by Pius X Student Council under the direction of Brianna Golka and Susan Kelly. Many thanks to Max Doty and the sound and light crew for making the performances look and sound so professional.

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