Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

With ‘Extra Innings,’ baseball team goes beyond balls and strikes

The Pius X baseball team spends time each week covering topics that will help them grow off-the field. Topics like service, community and others are discussed as a team.

baseball close-up wordsThen students complete an activity centered on that topic (serving a meal for their family, visiting a retirement center, etc.) and write a reflection paper on the activity, and how it impacted them.

Some students read their letter to the team the following week. In the video, hear two students read part of their reflection paper on service.

Here are current reflections from alumni who are former baseball players:

  • Setting time outside of practice to talk about Extra Innings was something that I appreciated the most, and my favorite topic was our session on Community. Being a people person, I continually try to get to know everyone better, but in a practice setting that can be difficult when you have to put your head down and grind. We had time to learn about each other as brothers. Upperclassmen and underclassmen got to share their perspectives and influence each other in positive ways. – Evan Helman ‘15
  • I graduated three years ago and I still remember our talks today. I was a high school kid who focused on school and sports and it seemed like everything else was just handed to me. I gained a sense of maturity and understanding about life, especially through the topic of Service. The idea of sacrificing for one another within our own families and on our team. It made me think about wanting to be a bigger man down the road. Our coaches didn’t just tell us what to do, we actually took time to understand and perform these life lessons outside the game. – Spencer Scheer ‘16
  • The biggest thing that stuck with me from Extra Innings was how to accept and consider other peoples’ viewpoints throughout all of our sessions. We talked about adversity, respect, accountability, etc and I got to hear other peoples’ perspectives on subjects while sharing my own. I learned that the real world is not contained in high school and Extra Innings prepared me for that. Our meetings were the most thought provoking time of my week and I felt challenged because the answers weren’t necessarily knowledge based. The groundwork for who I am as a man took shape in high school and now that I am on my own I am most grateful that I was able to grow with other people in that community. – Tyler Crouse ‘17
  • High school sports matter to kids and sometimes even parents and coaches get wrapped up in over-emphasizing the importance of success on the field. My favorite session was our talks on Adversity. It was inspiring to have coaches who understood that athletics don’t last forever and they chose to use sports to form solid young men. Student-athletes are busy, but so were our coaches. The fact that we would take practice time to sit in a classroom was very powerful to me and I understood that they were telling us that our character development was bigger than baseball. –Peter Foley ‘18

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