Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

Simulated stock market; Highly engaged learning

Students from Pius X High School competed at the Junior Achievement Stock Market Challenge, where a simulated stock market gave them a chance to test their skills and knowledge in an engaging environment.

Video Transcript

Parker Dodson: It was just like a 60-day challenge where kids got together in teams and played like a fake simulation game of the stock market and how it would react on movement, momentum and all of that. And to me like the atmosphere was just a ton of fun. We had a lot of energy, had a great team, we did really good so. And it was loud and it was awesome.

Philip Turner: The event was pretty stressful for the most part throughout the whole thing obviously all the stocks are going up and down at any point in time.

Parker Dodson: Teamwork. I would have to study with multiple people. I could study on my own but here I have had to cooperate with the other guys so.

Philip Turner: One thing that I learned here that I definitely would not have learned in a classroom is the stress of the environment, in order to run around to all the different people that you have to talk to to you know get advice or to sell the stocks, it’s very very challenging and at the same time aware you have to be aware of what the market’s doing.