Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

On a journey to write 50,000 words this month

November 08, 2017

This month, a group of Pius X High School students are part of a national effort to write 50,000 words for their own novel. It is put on by a Non-for-Profit company called NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), which aims to foster the love of writing and give people opportunities to write the story they’ve always wanted to tell. The website is If students complete the challenge and have their word-count verified via NaNoWriMo they can submit their manuscript to be edited and formatted. Then after they have created their Front Cover and Back Cover, teacher Caycee Hays, submits it to a company that will create their book, at no cost to the student. 

After about one week, students say they have written about 6,000 – 11,000 words.  

Rebekah Sweeney, junior  

A lot of it for me is just being able to find the time between everything else. I do enjoy it though. I love just sitting down and letting it come out; that’s always been how I write. The other big challenge for me with my home atmosphere, I have lot of siblings around and my parents are talking to me, so it’s hard to just write. But it is interesting and a lot of fun to work on.  

Lee Wright, junior 

I have an idea but I am not entirely sticking to the idea. Yeah, I am finding it difficult but fun because I stick to it in some parts, and I’ll go off in a complete tangent, but it’s fun.  

Rebecca Ringer, senior, St. James (Crete) / St. Michaels  

It was kind of challenging to figure out what I wanted to write about because there are so many different directions that my novel could go in, so it was hard to come down to the details. I had an idea but I had to bring it down to a specific thing. I also find it hard to find time to write. Last night I only got in like 500 words because I had other things and homework. Sometimes I will write and find it easy in a really exciting, action-packed scene, but then I’ll find it hard when the action slows down. It’s hard to find something to fill the void.  

Helena Rosno, senior  

It was appealing to me but I really liked the thought of writing and having of my ideas put down on paper. I will have something that I have written that I can be like, wow, that took forever and was a lot of work. But it’s like my child now. I have written before. I have two other stories that are about as long as I am now in the novel, but by the end of this month, this will be longer.  

Mary Baumgartner, junior, St. Teresa’s   

I am just motivated to write because I’ve had this idea for this story midway through last year. It started out as an idea of a poem for me; now it’s just a story. And the main character, he is writing through me, I guess, it’s to tell his story. That’s what motivates me. I guess it’s a challenge but not a challenge because it’s a story that’s writing itself.  

Annie Timmerman, junior, St. Teresas  

I think that writing has been something that I’ve always enjoyed, so challenging myself to write a novel and short stories is something worthwhile. Regardless of whether or not I go into writing in the future, it’s a challenge to figure out what I love about writing. So far it has been fun and hard and lots of fun.