Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

Peer review key part of Writing Resource Center

The Writing Resource Center is an amazing peer-to-peer writing review opportunity where students review and offer feedback on other students’ writings. It’s organized by teacher Jennifer Sander.


Kaylee Arndt: The writing resource center is a place where students can come with anything they’ve written, whether it’s for class or just for themselves, and we can take a look at it and tell them what they maybe should fix grammatically and spelling wise. Or just make it more fluid, or just to have it make more sense. It’s always good to have a second opinion on your writing pieces.

Riley Bittner: Academic writing is really important, especially as you go farther into your education. So … and I think the better you write, it shows your intelligence. Instead of saying, change it like this, or change it to this, I would you say, you might want to consider changing it to this. You might want to consider doing this, or would you do this. And then explain to them why you think that would improve their writing.

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