Culinary challenge adds extra ingredient to food prep lesson

In Culinary Arts, students are working on ‘food preparation,’ so to liven up the unit on eggs, teacher Amy Shonka created a culinary competition – Deviled Egg Duals – in which each student team selected their own deviled egg recipe to prepare for four faculty/staff judges: Shelly Pick, Caycee Hays, Megan Seim and Sharolyn Schneider.

The students had one class period for most of the food preparation and 10 minutes at the start of the following to finish plating before they made their presentations to the judges. They were judged in the following areas: appearance, flavor, creativity, texture, and presentation.
The winners: pictured left to right: Ava Aerts, Macy Miriovsky and Elizabeth Holmes. They were awarded monogrammed aprons made by teacher Shiela Sievert.

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