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Seib, Aylward, Frayser reflect on Pius X careers as they prepare to retire

For over 30 years, Pius X has been blessed with the presence of three special faculty members. Unfortunately, their final year at Pius X was cut short due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

However, as these Thunderbolts move on to their next chapter of life, they reminisce on their memories throughout their years.

After 36 years at Pius X, social studies teacher and National Honor Society sponsor Tom Seib is wrapping up his teaching career. Seib recalls the fall of 1984, when he began at Pius X.

“There were less than 600 students here, and the building only had two original wings,” Seib said. “The Chapel did not exist, and there was only the one [old] gym at the time.”

Seib continued, explaining that there was no commons or lunchroom, and the students ate in the basement.

“They either brought food from home or dined on fast food, which was brought in each day from various fast food restaurants,” Seib said.

Seib also recalls his favorite recurring event during his time at Pius X, which falls in line with his position as the National Honor Society sponsor.

“I have a special place in my heart for the annual Honors Night Convocation we hold every February,” Seib said. “This is the night when we honor all of our top students and their parents and invite great speakers from all over the state and country to challenge them and inspire them to become even greater!”

Seib explained how appreciative he is of the opportunities offered to him by Msgr. Barr, Fr. Morin, and Fr. Meysenburg—the superintendents he has worked for at Pius X—including his years as the principal over the school’s students.

“Along with teaching the best students in the world, I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to become the principal of this great school for ten years, also coaching basketball, tennis, golf, and football during those years,” Seib said.

Working alongside Seib for 35 years was Tim Aylward, the outgoing activities director and former head football coach at Pius X. Aylward described why he stayed at Pius X for such a long time.

“I enjoyed working with the students and athletes at Pius X,” Aylward said. “They work hard, they were very coachable. Also, my four children went to Pius X, so it was neat to be in the same school as them.”

Aylward noted the tremendous sense of community, which is the most impactful thing he has taken away from the Pius X family. His words to the student body: “Work hard. Have a positive attitude and believe in yourself. Life is tough, so you have to be tougher. Learn to heal your hurts, learn from your mistakes, and trust that every problem has a solution,” Aylward said.

The school’s Director of Guidance, Jan Frayser, is also completing her vocation at Pius X after 32 years.

Frayser said once she began at Pius X, she knew it was the right fit. She had no desire to go back to a public school, because she had grown accustomed to sharing her faith and having that be the forefront of her work with the students.

Frayser admitted there was a very special event Pius X hosts every year that brought tears to her eyes.

“On one of my first days at Pius X in the fall of 1988, I attended my first all-school Mass. It sounds sappy, but tears of joy came to my eyes during that Mass,” Frayser said. “It was incredible to be in a gym with hundreds of people celebrating our faith with Mass.”

Frayser acknowledged that the one Mass service that brings out joy for her every year is the May Crowning Mass.

“When the seniors sit on the floor and bring flowers to the Blessed Mother—I really hate that the class of 2020 wasn’t able to experience that,” Frayser said.

Frayser said that at Pius X, she learned to trust in God and depend on Him. From students, coworkers, and parents, she learned more and more about her faith and how to live it.

“I am very thankful for that,” Frayser said. “You are incredible children of God, and you are loved. Believe in yourself, and believe in Christ in you.”

From the 'X-change' Student Newspaper

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By: Meredith Gamet

Front Page Editor

Photographer: Pegasus School Images