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Stock Market Challenge allows students to apply classroom lessons

About 60 Pius X students participated in Tuesday’s Junior Achievement Stock Market Challenge on Innovation Campus at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

Their goal was to work in teams to invest in a fictional stock market, using tips, news and their own hunches and strategies to accumulate the largest possible return.

The competition lasts for 60 days, with each day lasting 80 seconds.

Student quotes from the video

Joe Vacek, senior: It was really fun and helped us to get a deeper understanding of the stock market. It was, as you can see, very hectic and it was overall just a great experience.

Luke Tomes, senior: It was actually like really fast paced. Coming into it I thought it would be fast paced but it was a lot more than I expected. But it was fun to work with a team, and just make decisions together about which stocks will go up, which will go down, and applying principles that we learned in our economics class.

Vacek: Our strategy was to just make as much money as possible no matter what how much is by low sell high and we had to adjust because that’s not exactly the best strategy ever apparently. We learned that our actions actually do have consequences.

Tomes: It definitely taught us about real world news and how that affects just different types of stocks and I think that’s kind of different than learning from a textbook, them telling you versus you being able to see how it actually does affect it in here.

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