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New Front Entrance & Welcome Center

As part of Pius X High School’s commitment to hospitality and safety for our students, families, and community members who visit our school, we are grateful for the opportunity to move forward on more than a decade of planning for an expanded front entrance. The design incorporates 21st century security standards, a “one stop” Welcome Center for visitors, and separate spaces dedicated to guest interaction and student interaction, including a new Student Health Center.

Construction Updates

Completed! April 4, 2024

Time lapse (southwest corner)

About the Project

The 3,000 sq. ft. project to expand the front entry and renovate existing spaces broke ground in the summer of 2023 will break ground this summer. Features include:

  • Establish a “one stop” guest Welcome Center with principals’ offices, conference room, and secure reception lobbies,
  • Add multi-point secure entry access for the front entry, and enhanced security features schoolwide,
  • Create a new Student Health Center, within a space dedicated for staff and student interaction.

The new Student Health Center facilities includes:

  • Nurse’s Office for treating students
  • Private restroom for Student Health Center patients
  • Work area for storing medical supplies and medications
  • Beds and seating area for students who are ill or injured

Pius X Foundation was thrilled to be among 10 Lincoln non-profits selected to receive $100,000 each during Union Bank & Trust’s $1M philanthropic initiative, “The Big Give.” Thanks to UBT’s tremendous generosity and the Pius X family members and friends near and far who voted during The Big Give, the school will soon be able to build a new Front Entrance & Welcome Center.

CAO Tom Korta shared, “I’d like to say to the community and those who voted for us, thank you so much. Pius has been a part of the Lincoln community for over 65 years, so I’m just grateful for that partnership. Being able to share in the thrill with all of our students and our families…we had a lot of big smiles on the faces in the hallways.”

As part of Pius X’s commitment to the safety and security of our students, families, and community members who visit our school, we are grateful for the opportunity to move forward on more than a decade of planning for an expanded school entrance that will incorporate 21st century safety and security standards.

Building off UBT’s $100,000 gift to launch the project and a $150,000 grant from the D F Dillon Foundation, funds raised during BOLT and the Lincoln Catholic Schools Day of Giving events along with other fundraising efforts supported the project. Construction for the new safe and secure front entrance for the school began in the summer  of 2023, and opened on April 3, 2024.

Buy Bricks

The new front entry design enhances the experience of school visitors through a centralized ‘Welcome Center’ that beautifully integrates with the school’s existing architecture, offering increased safety, an expanded front office, and a new student health center. Through this project, Pius X Family members have a unique opportunity to be part of the Pius X legacy with customized engraved bricks that are and will continue to be installed along the new front entrance walkway.

Engraving your name, or the names of students, alumni, beloved family members, teachers, or friends provides an opportunity for commemorating your Pius X memories in a special way. Students, staff, and visitors for decades to come will see the names and inspiring messages custom engraved on these beautiful walkway bricks.

Limited quantities of engraved bricks are available. Please see the Brick Policy for details before you submit your custom engraving message for approval.


If you have any questions, please contact:
Courtney Johnson

If you prefer to pay by check CLICK HERE to download the printable order form.

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