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Gratitude for Investments in Our Students’ Futures

Throughout this past year, thousands of Pius X family members, friends and community partners have contributed to enhance our students’ education, from investments made by the many members of our St. John the Apostle Loyalty Society who have supported Pius X for 10 or more consecutive years, to those who have just made their very first gift to Pius X.
In October, we were blow away to receive close to $90,000 from generous grandparents (who wished to remain anonymous) to support many of our teachers’ Wish List items, to substantially expand the Vocal Music Endowed Fund, and to establish the new Teacher Wish List Endowed Fund with a matching gift of $25,000!

This school year, Pius X has also been blessed to receive generous grants from many community partners, including $50,000 from the D F Dillon Foundation to expand our school’s Library collection and to enhance the accessibility of school facilities, $5,000 from the May Flanagan Foundation for our “Enhancing Connections through Languages” project, $3,000 from Ameritas Charitable Foundation to support Tuition Assistance and the Fund for Pius X, and $2,000 from the ACG Foundation to provide interactive learning resources.

The incredible impact of all those who have invested in our students’ futures cannot be understated. To help express our appreciation for the generous supported Pius X has received this year, our students have been writing hand-written thank you notes, and many Pius X teachers personally expressed their gratitude and inspiration. A few highlights of our heartfelt appreciation are featured below.

The unique funding model that has made Pius X High School such a tremendous success and attractive educational choice for Catholic families over the past 65 years is primarily dependent on generous donations from the constituents, both near and far. We have a new [Monsignor James D. Dawson Learning Center] addition to the school, recently constructed and opened thanks to many outstanding and generous donors. The new addition has showcased the elective course offerings and has increased student interests in the arts, further enhancing the Pius student experience. In addition, grants and donations have funded the purchase of Wish List items that are needed for continual growth.

In the Skilled and Technical Sciences department, traditionally known as Industrial Arts, donations have provided a large format printer, new 3D printers, and the expected arrival of a laser engraver/cutter for the Engineering Design classes; numerous hand and power tools including new cordless drills, clamps and fixtures for woodworking; corded and cordless saws, pneumatic nailers, ladders, air compressor, generator, hand tools and building materials for Building Construction; hand tools and supplies for Small Engines; and, routers, fixtures, and equipment for the new Advanced Woods/Cabinetmaking course.

“I am reminded daily of how extremely blessed I am to teach at the school I am a proud alumnus of but, more importantly, a school that has so many other proud alumni and benefactors that have the desire to keep giving of their limited treasures in support of this institution. We know that 50% of our kids today learn best by doing as opposed to hearing, seeing and repeating, so experiences in the fine and performing arts are not only satisfying a desire for more involvement in varied learning opportunities, but also serving to increase student performance and understanding in the core academic areas. I regularly hear from current and former students telling me how grateful they are for these classes. You see it on their faces, hear it in their voices, and witness it in their interest and desire to succeed.”
– Don McKee ’77, Industrial Technology Teacher

“The wish list and the generous donors who have supported us through it have made a lasting impact on our current students and the program for years to come. The new instruments have allowed the band to push forward and move beyond what was possible. The wish list donations have made what seemed impossible, possible. The instruments bought through the wish list help our students daily and create opportunities for success. I can’t thank those who have helped us this way enough. Thank you!”
– Jared J. Wilhelm, Instrumental Music Teacher

“We are continually blessed by the opportunity to work in a faith-based community and often edified by our students’ development and depth of character. This is made possible by generous donors like you who invest in the program and pave ways for future possibilities through much support. We appreciate your contribution, love and support of our mission of bringing students and audiences closer to Christ with excellence both on and off the stage. You have made a huge impact. Thank you!”
– Shani Sorensen, Vocal Music Teacher

“I feel so blessed to be in this amazing community where I get to teach the music from our church history and build up the body of Christ through music. There is an incredible amount the support at Pius for the arts and it is the generosity of many in the community that helps us keep the program going when we are in need of new equipment and other financial needs. Thank you to all who have donated in the past.”
– Todd Krier, Vocal Music Teacher

“In addition to our tremendous gratitude for all of our Library benefactors, a Pius X staff member recently shared how our school librarian is an inspiration: “Erin Willis is so ‘super’ available to our students during the school day but also is a sponsor for several clubs after school. Besides the Library Club [and] Puzzle Club, she now is working with the newly formed Vietnamese Club. Thank you for caring about all of our students.”

“I had 2 students literally doing a happy dance while seated today as they got to use the stand mixer. I’m so thrilled to increase the technology usage in my textiles class. It will literally up the game for the types of projects they can make and their level of excitement.”
– Amy Shonka, Family & Consumer Sciences Teacher

To learn more about Pius X educators’ requests that will be made possible through the new Teacher Wish List Endowed Fund, see the Wish List at

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