Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

An advanced look at mechanical design

Students in Don McKee’s Advanced Mechanical Design classes completed several designing-and-building steps to create these machines. In this video, they must test a variable to see how they can improve their designs.


Garrett Beeck

This is a torsion ballista. We, right now, we have two different variables: How much torsion is actually on the string for the force pull back, and how heavy the ball is, and how those two go together, and how far the ball launches according to the weight of the ball.

Crispin Corpuz

We are trying to measure how far to the landing a torsion catapult can launch an object and at different tensions. We’ve learned that as it keeps going, the tension starts to wear down on the catapult itself, and it becomes less efficient at shooting the object.

Don McKee

Double checked everything, sketched out, created them all – the parts – in the inventor program. Then they assembled it, the actual the kit as per the instructions, it in inventor in the same way, so now they can show how it came together.

So it’s been a whole … it’s getting to the point now with this, we’re testing on it, they should be able to figure out what they would change on them to improve them or design something similar.

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