Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

From design to launch, with variables and data

Students in Don McKee’s Advanced Mechanical Design were ready to test their catapult designs after weeks of careful designing and planning.


Clare Oldenburg: I am in advanced mechanical design and we are testing our catapults today.

Chandler Hartz: We have been working on these projects here for pretty much the past two months, and we been building these little wooden kits, and then we been measuring them and putting them on the computer program.

Nathan Snitily: It’s kind of a cool experience because we’ve been wondering what they are going to do, like, are they going to shoot well or are they going to just not go go very far. So it’s kind of nice to see what we put together go to work.

Hartz: At some point a company would want to 3-D print them and reproduce them but we are just making them and putting them on the program and we assemble it there and check it out.

Snitily: It doesn’t really matter what we use to pull back with, like we used the string and the rubber band and it didn’t really make much of a difference.

Oldenburg: This is a real-world application of variables and statistics and so it’s really exciting to see something we’ve been working on for a while finally get tested.

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