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iPad app used as assessment tool in Spanish

Students use iPads and an app to record themselves practicing the Spanish language for this assessment, with their teacher Emily Isaacs.

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Video Transcript

“This chapter’s topic was the seasons and the year, so months, days, weeks and all of that, so it kind of brought it all together.

“It’s kind of our assessment to see how well their doing with the language. Today we were using FlipGrid which is an app that students can download, that’s downloaded on the iPad so they can take a video of themselves reading a list, a checklist of things that they need to talk about.

“So today they were talking about their birthday, what day it is, what season it is and what they weather is usually like on that day. And they’re talking about today’s weather, and then what time it is. This is all stuff that we’ve been learning. They also talked about their favorite season,
favorite weather.

“I think it helps so they can see how they are doing because if they make a mistake it’s easier for them to start over. It also gives them more class time to do it so they can go at their pace to memorize it for as long as they need to.

“They can take multiple takes if they need to, if they don’t like how they are saying it, as opposed to not using the iPads where they are kind of in-the-moment, there’s a little more stress to it so this kind of takes away some of the stress and actually doing this assessment.”

Spanish ipads app assessment

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