Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

Common reasons for students to visit the library

The school library is a vibrant, active place of learning throughout each school day. Below are great reasons to visit the library. Students are required to scan in/out with their ID cards through the library check-in system.

*To READ or find a books.  This is always an acceptable reason to visit the library!  Students can also look at magazines, logic-puzzles, newspapers, etc.

*Library or research assistance.  My first priority is to make sure that students know how to access and use resources that can help them in your classes!  S

*Seniors often visit the library during off periods.  They are great company and are always welcome.

*Computer access and printing.  The library has 16 computers available for student use. 

*Testing.  We have a test file and test protocol for students who need to make-up a quiz or exam. 

*Tutoring.  We have several semi-private tables and study carrels available for student tutors. 

*Classroom support.  I’m always thrilled for the opportunity to show off library resources!  If you have a research-based class project or would like for you students to have a general familiarity with the library, talk to me about scheduling a time to talk.