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Algebra students test different approaches with board game

Students are playing games in Algebra class, but teacher Danielle Karre uses the game Settlers of Catan to help students practice experimental vs. theoretical strategies with dice. Karre’s comments from the video are below.

Teacher Danielle Karre

“Well it’s based on the probability of rolling certain numbers with two dice. And so we talked about using theoretical probability to decide scientifically what’s most likely to be rolled.

“But then they also got a chance to use experimental probability and see in their own experiments and their own trials which numbers actually do get rolled that often.

“And so some of them are choosing to play based on the theory and the science behind it, and some of them are choosing it based on their experience, the 50 rolls or the 200 rolls that they did in class the other day.

“And so it gets them invested in the numbers when they actually have to play the game and they are kind of cheering or booing when a 4 gets rolled, and realizing that fours don’t get rolled as often as sevens, so kind of getting a little bit more invested in that probability and that idea behind it.”

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