Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

Russman earns state honor for her work in area of world language

Senior Abbie Russman has earned a top honor from the Nebraska Department of Education. Russman was named a recipient of Nebraska World Language Distinguished Scholars 2020 High Honors.

Russman world language honorIn the honor, a quote from Russman reads:

“It opens doors in one’s work, school, community, and life and sets one up for success in every aspect of his or her life. As societies become more and more open to people of different cultures and languages, learning a world language is becoming increasingly necessary for successful and impact communication.”

The honor also includes this information from Spanish teacher, Katie Hayes:

“Abbie Russman is intelligent, confident, talented, helpful, and kind. She jumped at the chance to read the first reading in Spanish at Mass, and did not hesitate to volunteer to read the morning prayer in Spanish over the intercom to the entire school. She participates in Spanish club and is a terrific influence on other club members, keeping her conversations exclusively in the target language, which encourages others to do the same. Abbie’s love for Spanish has helped her in a number of opportunities in her job and in volunteer positions. She assists Spanish-speaking customers at work and utilized her languages skills while earning her senior service hours this summer as a camp counselor. She played with the children at recess, supervised at Mass and in the classroom during their lessons. She is fearless, creative and confident. Abbie intends to become a layer with a focus on work with Spanish-speaking clients.”

Russman was selected because of her “superior proficiency and performance at your level as well as your passion and dedication to world language study.”

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