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Spectrum takes first runner up at Peru State show choir competition

show choirspectrum peru state competition
Photo Credit: Summer Ingham

Spectrum takes first runner up at Peru State competition

Author: Summer Ingham, staff writer, Xchange

Spectrum show choir had their first competition at Peru State College on Oct. 23.

This year their show has the message of setting the world on fire.

show choirspectrum peru state competition

Junior Tatiana Koenig said, “Everyone has their own fire within them, and you just have to be you and you don’t need anyone else, you have to be strong and confident.”

Spectrum performers stress to their audience that anyone can make an impact.

Senior Hannah Rohrs said, “We want to tell the audience that they can and should stand up for what you believe in, even if it is going against the crowd.”

In achieving this goal, Rohrs said, “I think the judges’ critiques at this competition will help us tremendously and aid us as we work to leave our hearts on the stage.”

Senior Jessica Honz said they have another message, to “always be prepared to give a reason for the hope that you have in Christ”. Honz continued, “I think this specifically applies to the senior class right now as we prepare for college and start to make choices about our faith. Life gets hard and it can be easy to fall away at times, but finding your own reason for why you believe and sharing that with others when your faith is challenged can help ground you in your faith.”

Honz believes the best way to show this message is through their ballad “Make Them Hear You” where they portray the most emotion.

She said, “It doesn’t have to be violent or forceful. You don’t have to be in a position of power to spread your message.”
Spectrum has practiced for many hours trying to perfect this set.

Koenig said, “Mrs. Sorensen has been really pushing us to be the greatest and the strongest.”

Spectrum goes on stage and shows an immense amount of emotion with their dances and facial expressions.

Rohrs said, “Spectrum has taught me how to express my feelings through music and dance.”

Junior Rosie Lang said, “This was the most enjoyable competition I’ve ever been to. There were a lot of nice people and great food.”

Lang added, “It [the competition] was a good way to start the year, getting our message out there and letting the other show choirs know that we’re real competition.”

Spectrum won top show choir of the day in Class AA. Overall, they got 2nd place.

After they had won, senior Logan Walker said, “Winning meant that all of our hard work and effort that we put into this was shown through our show and we let other people know that we worked for it and we wanted it. Although, for us it doesn’t matter about the trophies or the big flashing lights. It just matters that we get our message out there, that’s all we care about.”

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show choirspectrum peru state competition

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