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Adame honored for research, selected for world youth event

Jesse Adame, a junior, conducted research and wrote a paper about food sustainability and then competed with students from all over Nebraska and was chosen as one of 6 Nebraska delegates to attend the Youth Institute at the World Food Prize.

What was your biggest takeaway from the Global Youth Institute?

My biggest takeaway from this experience was the fact that everyone in this world has the ability to help out in the fight in world hunger and that agriculture is more than just pulling weeds and planting farms.

What is your favorite memory from the event?

My favorite memory was being able to meet such prominent people in the agriculture industry and being able to interact with my peers that had the same motivation to find a solution to world hunger and other global issues.

How has your perspective changed after attending the Borlaug Dialogues and talking with peers from across the country?

After attending the Borlaug Dialogues and talking about global issues with my peers, I learned that it is possible to make a difference in the world if we work together because our best ideas always came out when we worked on issues together in groups.

Do you have any suggestions on how to improve the event for next year? Or anything you would like to implement at the Nebraska Institute?

I would like to have discussions of the Borlaug Dialogues after each one instead of sitting thru all of them at once. In the Nebraska Institute, I think it would be great to make groups and each group would have the same or different global issue. In the end, they can present their solutions.

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