Medical job shadowing helps students consider potential careers

Two Pius X students took part in a medical job shadowing experience to provide insight into a possible future career. Seniors Jacylan Doering and Maddie Birch answered questions about their experiences.

Where did you have your shadowing experience?

Jacylan: My internship took place in the intensive care unit at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital.

Maddie: I completed my shadowing experience at ENT Nebraska with Dr. Robinson.

What was the most surprising part of your time shadowing?

Jacylan: The amount of procedures and jobs I was able to observe being performed on a daily basis.

Maddie: The most surprising part off the shadowing experience was that there was a lot more job shadowing than I expected. Part of this experience was to compile a research project within the sector we interned in.

What did you learn that has or will impact your thinking on future possible careers?

Jacylan: From observing the ICU for over three weeks, I realized the surplus amounts of opportunities and pathways in which my career can differentiate. I can envision the best environments in where I would work and perform to the best of my ability. Interning and observing multiple people solidified my decision on wanting to work in an intensive and irregular environment. I realized the reasons why I was attracted to a specific field and the best ways to go about pursuing it.

Maddie: I got to see a vast majority of tasks an ENT doctor and the nurses would complete throughout the day. The fact that I saw first hand the interactions of people in the medical field strengthened the desire to go into the medical field.

What would you recommend to others who are interested in this type of experience?

Jacylan: I recommend shadowing and interning for as many professionals as possible. The bigger the variety of physicians and professionals you observe, the more clarity you will gain on what you are called to pursue. Always strive to achieve the highest possible end goal, and never set limitations for yourself.

Maddie: I would recommend you just go for it. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for students in high school, and if you are thinking about doing anything in the medical field, this experience gave me a real life look into the day in the life in the medical field.

jacylan doering
Jacylan Doering
maddie birch
Maddie Birch

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