latinos unidos ofrenda

Ofrenda created by Latinos Unidos

The sign reads:

“The members of Latinos Unidos here at Pius have put this ofrenda together to celebrate day of the dead.

Dia de Muertos celebrations take place October 31 (Halloween) and November 1 (Dia de los Angelitos). Day of the Dead this year will run from Thursday, October 31 to Saturday, November 2.

For many, building altars to our deceased loved ones is the focal point of the Day of the Dead celebrations. These ritual altars can be built in our family homes, cemeteries, and even in public spaces. Our tradition says that these altars will help the spirits find their way back to the land of the living for Day of the Dead. As well as building altars, our friends and families decorate them with offerings or ofrendas for our loved ones. Typical ofrendas include candles, pan de muerto, photographs of the deceased, and their favorite food and drink. Please be respectful of our ofrenda and our work.

Muchisimas gracias.”

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