Creativity, physics on display in putting ‘money in the piggy bank’

Pius X students in AP Physics (PACE) and Accelerated Physics participated in the 26th annual Pius X Machine Contest based on the Rube Goldberg Machine Contest. The class is taught by Jeremy Scheffler.

Thirteen teams of students built machines that had to, in at least 20 different steps, PUT MONEY IN A PIGGY BANK. The teams were judged on their ingenuity and on whether their machine successfully completed the task. This year’s winning teams were:


U.S. Government (Theme: “IRS”)

Grace Driewer, Caroline Schieuer


Tokyo Deli (Theme: “Japanese Restaurant”)

Vy Vo, Jennie Vu


Pit Boys (Theme: “Cars”)

Grant Gubbels, Nicholas Hanus, Jake Kumke, Nick Staab


Steam Punks (Theme: “Steampunk”)

Jordan Coffey, Crispin Corpuz, Caleb Hansen, Lucas Huber

Editor's Bonus

Aliece Aylor, Addie O'Meara, Han Tran, Kelsen Tran

The passion of these students – who worked so hard to make this ‘machine’ work just right – is undeniable!

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