Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

Student teaches Vietnamese language basics to help Psych class

Student Thiên Ân ‘Lavie’ Nguyễn recently visited Susan Kelly’s Psychology class to present and teach the Vietnamese language while the class studies the Thinking and Language unit.

AP psych vietnamese langageIn her words: “Today I taught my friends how to speak some common words in Vietnamese. The major different in our language is that we use tone marks or “dấu câu” (includes sắc, huyền, hỏi, ngã, nặng). Therefore, some words look the same but they actually have a totally different meaning.”

Psychology students are learning about phonemes and morphemes and the mechanics of language/linguistics. Kelly said, “When we speak one language, we see words as representations of ideas, people and events. Language is connected to culture and environment. Today psychologists continue to explore the relationship between language and thought, as language gives the brain the structure needed to process information.”

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