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The D.C. trip full of education and memories

Seniors Chloe Barrett and Emma McDermott were among the Pius X High School students to travel to Washington, D.C. this summer, an annual trip for students and staff. They answered questions about their experiences on the trip, which included Pius X teachers and fellow classmates. Did you go on this trip in 2018? Share your memories, too.

What stands out about the trip to Washington, D.C.? What were the highlights?

Chloe: My favorite highlight from the Washington, D.C. trip was going to the different Smithsonian Museums.

Emma: My favorite part of DC was seeing all the monuments and learning the history about each one.

What did you learn that you weren’t expecting?

Chloe: I learned more about the meaning of the monuments than I thought. How the war effected the artists was brought out by each individual design of the memorials and monuments.

Emma: My favorite museums was the news museum. When we first went in I had no idea what to expect, but then I was able to learn how journalism has effect the country and how it differs from the rest of the world.

You may have learned about some of these places in class. How did it help you to see it first-hand?

Chloe: It was like a puzzle. I learned about it in class, but seeing it first hand connected all of the pieces. It helped me fully understand rather than just remember facts from a book.

Emma: Sometimes when just reading about the places in a text book or talking about it in class it’s easy to forget that they are real and real events happened there. Being able to see the places firsthand helped realize and understand fully what happened there.

Which place had the biggest impact on you, whether emotionally or educationally, and why?

Chloe: The Vietnam War memorial was he most impactful to me. Children, grandchildren, etc. left letters to their relatives which got to me the most. Being able to read their letters thanking them for their service and explaining life without them was indescribable.

Emma: The Basilica had the most impact on me. The main church up stairs is breathtakingly beautiful, the surrounding both up and down stairs there are small chapels. Each chapel is very unique and shows many different cultures and I was able to realize that our Catholic faith is truly universal and is the same in each nation.

What was it like to experience this trip with many of your fellow students and teachers?

Chloe: Going to Washington, D.C. was a great bonding trip for our senior class. Most of us hadn’t been to D.C. before so it was really cool to share all of these new experiences with each other. These are memories we will hold onto forever.

Emma: Being able to go on this trip with my friends and teachers made it a lot more fun and memorable. This trip is something my friends and I will never forget and always look back and remember how fun it was!

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