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demoine adams husker wide shot gym

D-Mo encourages 'heart over hype' in pep talk

April 25, 2018

D-Mo had the whole Pius X student body clapping in unison without saying a word. His energy matched the enthusiasm of his message.

D-Mo – also known as Demoine Adams, the former Husker football player and current motivational speaker, spoke at Pius X High School about living a life of value, not popularity.  

“Actions follow beliefs,” he said. “That means everything we see, read and hear, it may seem normal but that doesn’t make it right.”  

Adams, a former member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, an academic all-American, and a former professional football player, blended anecdotes with key, memorable phrases to help bring clarity to his overall talking point: heart over hype. He is currently pursuing a doctoral degree.  

*  *  *  *  *  

“If the mission of Pius is to enrich your mind and enrich your heart and enrich your soul in a Christ centered, Catholic environment, it’s time for us to stop playing the game by believing and following what we see on TV and social media,” Adams said.  

Adams encouraged students to choose “heart over hype.”  

He stressed students will have to lose any beliefs of hate and disrespect in order to win at whatever competition or challenge stand before them in life.

“This school provides you all the tools and all of the resources to be leaders in this game called life,” he said. “They (Pius X teachers) are setting you up to score. That means everybody in here is worth it.”  

*  *  *  *  *  

Adams was named weight lifter of the year his senior year at UNL, an honor he felt he should have won earlier. After talking with trainers, he learned the award not only honors those who make gains in lifting weights, but those who encourage other teammates.  

*  *  *  *  *  

Adams referenced a song by a popular entertainer that included the phrase, “Everybody gets high sometimes, ya know.” But Adams countered that lyric.  

“That’s not the truth. People think it’s normal. If we follow people that give us these messages, then we will subscribe to that message.”  

He spoke often about being careful who we follow on social media and who we hang out with as well as what behavior we will tolerate.

“It may not be the cool way or the popular way, but it’s the right way, the Pius way,” he said.  

Yet, he acknowledged that social media won’t go away, so students must be proactive.  

“Don’t just complain about the game of social media,” he said. “Want to change the game.”  

*  *  *  *  *  

Adams told the story of his family, how the father of his girlfriend didn’t accept him as a potential husband for his daughter. His father-in-law apologized five years later and said he had been mistaken. Taking his ‘heart over hype’ advice, Adams didn’t get mad about the initial rejection. He won over his father-in-law with kindness in his heart rather than anger.

*  *  *  *  *  

Other phrases and quips:  

Hard work and heart work.  

What are you willing to do to be the lifter of this school?  

Have their back, don’t talk behind their back.  

Your platform matters.   

What if we played defense and looked out for one another as a team?  

As we get somewhere, make sure that others get somewhere, too.

Win or lose by how you choose.  

When you realize that you are worth it, you will stop doing the things that are not worth it. 

demoine adams husker wide shot gym
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demoine adams husker wide shot gym
demoine adams husker wide shot gym

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