Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

Multi-genre project blends layers of creativity

Creative writing and presentation are on display with multi-genre projects in Social Literature class with teacher Julie Schonewise.

“It’s really all about the writing,” Schonewise said. “They just come up with some really cool ways of presenting their five different original genres.”

Students are Caroline Theil (Saint Joseph), Joe Dodson (St. John the Apostle), Audra Heyne, and Anthony Kirck (St. Joseph).

Caroline: “So we had the multi-genre project, which was our final for social lit. And it was a five-genre paper or like video project that you wrote about a topic that you picked. And my topic was work ethic. So I did a box, and it says ‘Your key to unlocking the secret of work ethic.’ And my central theme was ‘Can work ethic change the world?’ So my box is like a world, and then I wrapped it up so when she reads it’s just like kind of a surprise.”

Joe: “My multi-genre project’s theme was heroism. So I gathered together five pieces of literature that all focus on the theme of heroism, and they kind of tell a story from the vision of heroism that we have today, all the way down to the simplest ways that heroism can be shown every day.”

Audra: “I did a story and through the different genres and different pieces I kind of explain this girl who is struggling with an easing distorder. And it takes her from hitting rock bottom and a suicide attempt to realizing she is beautiful and she is made in God’s image and that her life is worth living. So that’s kind of the topic, just to love yourself and you are made in God’s image.
Anthony: “My project I decided to do the topic of high school dances. and so I did some drawings, and I did a poem, and I did a letter. And so here’s what a poster would look like in the hallways, something like that. I love high school dances, I always love just dressing up, and going with fun people, either if it’s a sweat dance or homecoming or prom. So I decided to do that in my project.”