Lincoln Pius X Catholic High School

Sotto Voce earns top honors at competition

Stephanie Earhart, senior

“Sotto Voce went to the Midland University Acapella Competition; it was part of the Festival of the Arts. Basically we prepared a few songs to perform, we all competed in the morning, we got to watch each other perform, and then we had two different practice sessions with two of the judges. So we got to work with this guy named Deke Sharon, who actually helped with a lot of music for ‘Pitch Perfect’ and then ‘Sing Off,’ a lot of things like that and then another one of the judges. So then in the afternoon we had a talk with him and then we learned a song that was a medley of songs by the band F.U.N. and we all got to sing it together. People had solos, and by the end of the night we all performed once more as a kind of finals thing in the competition and sang the song together and Sotto Voce actually ended up winning, which was really cool.”