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Praying for unity

Dear parents,

I feel blessed and humbled to be able to address you in this new school year as the Interim Chief Administrative Officer. I have no illusions of being able to fill the shoes that Fr. Meysenburg so wonderfully wore these past fourteen years. I confess to having already felt moments of inadequacy in facing the tasks associated with being CAO. I feel peace when I am reminded that for whatever reason, God has brought me to this position to serve His school in this coming year. God has lovingly provided for the Pius family in so many ways throughout our 65-year history, and I know without a doubt that He will continue to bless the work we do together in His name. I am absolutely convicted that the strength of the Church of tomorrow depends on the quality of Catholic education today. I am excited to continue our partnership with you in forming our young people into faithful disciples.

As I have thought about the coming school year, my prayer and reflection have drawn me back to our patron’s motto: To Restore All Things in Christ. Specifically, I have chosen the single word “restore” to be the overarching theme for the coming school year. It seems to me that there is much to be restored: normalcy, after a year disrupted by the pandemic; our peace, after a year of uncertainty, fear and frustration; relationships, some of which were strained in the midst of disagreement and misunderstanding.

For this reason, I am asking the entire Pius X community to join in praying the prayer below:
Loving Father,
Your holy Saint Pope Pius X desired to restore all things.
Through his intercession, we confidently turn to you and beg you to restore the Pius X family.
Restore our school and bring unity and peace.
Restore broken relationships and heal our hurts.
Restore our understanding of the dignity of each person, who was made in your image.
Align our hearts and minds so that we may be united as a family.
Make this school community a sign of unity and an instrument of your peace among all people.
We ask this in your name. Amen.

I ask you to consider making this a regular part of your prayer this year. Imagine the power of the Pius X family uniting in this common prayer. I have made a similar plea to our broader Pius X family spread throughout the world—alumni, past teachers, benefactors, etc. On August 20th, I will be inviting the entire Pius X family to join in a special day of fasting for the intention of restoring all things. Then, on August 21st, we will join in a special Mass and celebration of Pope St. Pius X’s feast day. We will share more details as the days draw nearer.

God is so good, and blesses Pius X High School in so many ways. I ask that you join me in lifting this school, our students, our staff, and one another in prayer as we enter this new school year.
God bless,

Tom Korta

Pius X

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